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iPhone App Review | Talking Carl

BLOG: Best iPhone app reviews, iPhone video app reviews, iPhone podcast app reviews | This is one of ...

Dueling Carls, a "Talking Carl" Scream Fight

What happens when Talking Carl mimics himself? A fight!!!

Talking Carl | Cool Trick | Scream Battle | Apple iTunes Store

This is a really funny and neat trick that you can try out if you have an iPhone...

Talking Carl for iPhone Review

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Talking Carl

A review on the ipod app Talking Carl.

Geico piggy vs. Talking Carl App on the iPad

I love talking Carl...even more so when paired with the new geico commercial.

Talking Gugl Official Trailer (Meet Talking Carl's Brother!)

Gugl, Carl's green little brother, repeats everything you say in his funny, chimpmunk-like voice. If you thought Talking Carl was entertaining, just wait till you hang ...


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Talking Carl HD app for iPad

Echo App Review!! | Talking gugl

My voice is higher than your voice ...

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