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Talking Carl app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7552 ratings )
Games Entertainment Family Simulation
0.99 USD
Current version: 9.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Mar 2011
App size: 58.98 Mb

Talk, Sing and Play with Carl. Tickle, punch, feed him and hear his funny laughs, growls and more!

Talking Carl is the very first and still the funniest talking character of the App Store, he invented fun!

We think about small kids too: Use the Baby mode without any buttons... only Carl and no trouble!

--------------- Features --------------
• Talk to him and hell repeat your words with an hysterical voice.
• Feed him with bones
• Strike him by lightning
• Tickle him and he will laugh out loud.
• Poke his eyes and he will shout and yell.
• Pinch him to hear him growling.
• And if you forget him he will grumble.
• Very Polite, he even says Goodbye.

+ Swipe up and he will fly... and fall
+ swipe down and hear the thunder
+ swipe left or right and hell make a round-turn.

Talking Carl is hours of laugh for children of any age.
Parents, youll love him too for the peacefulness it gives you while your kids are playing with him.
But don’t try it! you’ll never give it back to them.

--------- Our users says ---------

"The only talking app that I recommend - There are quite a few of talking apps but Talking Carl is the best! I especially like that I can remove all the buttons so that my daughter will not be confused"

"Great app for the kids! - My kids love playing with this app and found it easy to share the videos"

Pros and cons of Talking Carl app for iPhone and iPad

Talking Carl app good for

I think its very funny, just like all of the other Apps like this. Very child friendly.
I absolutely love this app. Its so adorable. The kids I babysit also love playing with this app. Its hours of enjoyment.
My cousins asked me To download it for them by switching apple Ids for a while now we laugh so hard we fall off the couch
This app is a lot of fun it repeats whatever you say and you can use it to Annoy friends or just have fun with Talking Carl
App maker you just pulled a power move your on the cant stop wont stop train to power move city :3
This game literally made me pee my pants when he flys and sneezes and plays the trumpet if you guys dont Have it then your lost literally

Some bad moments

Really? Who invent these things??? I mean really, there is already talking tom etc... I say it a WASTE of my IPod storage.
This app is pointless, even for a kid. The novelty wares off in 5 seconds.
There is actually no point. It does stupid tricks like spin in a circle and jump. The only funny thing about it is when it imitates your voice
It was fun for few sec, but it wasnt fun at all after seen all of the things you can do!
App is not worth it. Sound stops working. Music option has no sounds and it has ads to upgrade to air guitar, etc. my daughter had more fun with a stick then this app
Its ok for a few cheap laughs but I find it off putting the constant ads for the other talking Karl "games" in the music section I wouldnt put "options" for other instruments if you have to buy another app to use them. Thats a cheap tactic to get more money. Instead of having a thousand different games that are basically the same just make them features in one that you can buy. I regret the 99 cents I paid for this. Also grumpy Karl is a little ridiculous in something that looks like an app for children. Its not funny and you should put that in the adult part a kid shouldnt just hit a button and be told to knock it off for using an app as its intended purpose. Im sure this will mean nothing to you but Im not recommending this to anyone I know and hope that someone takes this into consideration.

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